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an ounce of marijauna
I'm picking up a zip today.
od uživatele Dan 28. Duben 2003
1795 401
An ounce of any kind of illegal drug. Usually used as a code name over the phone by paranoid drug dealers.
"Can you pick me up a zip?"
od uživatele Zack 08. Prosinec 2002
862 471
an ounce of marijuana. Amount that fits in a ziplock bag.
Got a zip of skunk haze yesterday
od uživatele dan12 29. Prosinec 2006
681 377
ounce of weed
Yo We Got Dem Zips 4 Da Low Muhh Nigg
od uživatele DatNigg08 08. Listopad 2008
87 28
1) An ounce of marijuana

2) To snort a powder drug
1) Can I roll by your house and pick up a zip?

2) I just zipped a line of coke
od uživatele morphinaut 21. Říjen 2010
82 91
Noun; A slang dirogatory term used in Vietnam referring to enemy vietnamese soldiers. Short for "zipperhead", it's commonly used to describe any Asian person.
Richie became enraged and punched the sideview mirror of a parked truck when the ignorant women called him zip.
od uživatele C-Mac & Pog 25. Prosinec 2009
47 58
(1): nothing; zero
(2): energy; vigor.

(3) a worthless person; a person who amounts to zero.

(4) to fasten or unfasten with a zipper.
1. - "I don't know zip about you."

- There was no mail today. Nothing. Zip.

2. "I need something that will give me more zip. "

3. Khalaf is such a zip. No brains in his head at all.

4. Zip your jacket, Reham.
od uživatele iyad Aqbawi 26. Leden 2013
45 60