Top Definition
A word used by cutesy gurlz, usually with an exclamation mark, to mean "yes".
I asked her a question and she replied, "Yupperz!"
od uživatele Jody 02. prosinec 2004
A cutezie way to say yup, yes, totally, ok, or gotch ya. This word was invented by Kelsey Neumann, MI that's a fact I bet a lot of people didn't know. But that's what I've heard!
"Hey did you do your homework?!?"
od uživatele Volleyballem 19. listopad 2009

Word made by Jackie
Are you going to teh movie?
od uživatele Richard [Zeratual] 30. listopad 2002
die nate
"yupperz," she said meaningfully.
od uživatele Nate 06. květen 2003
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