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Slang referring to the rapper Kanye West
Guy 1: What the hell is this?
Guy 2: This is yeezy's new track.
od uživatele ConArtistGotADickSoBig 27. Říjen 2007
1638 278
noun: slang for the drug cocaine/coke
Yo! You got that yeezy on deck??!
I bet you got that mary but you ain't got no mother fuckin' yeezy ?
od uživatele fbgmgtdm 06. Únor 2014
25 31
To get to the Kanye West level of cockiness.
Dude, tone down the yeezy
od uživatele DarlingDynomite 01. Březen 2011
382 423
.1) 'n'Lyical rapper out of atlatna assoicated with Kickdoe Fam music group. 2.) 'n' A nickname reffering to Rapper Kayne West, infasizing the "Y" in his first name. 3.) 'v' Interroupting someone for what others may see as rude/vulgar or uneccsary
example 1.) "Yeezy" be goin in!
example 2.) Yeezy about to drop a new album next month.
example 3.) Did you see how he cut her off like that? " Yea, that was yeezy as hell!"
od uživatele My-Leaky 02. Červen 2011
161 285
Similar to "yee" and created by the cool kids, aka Yeezy Crew in Mr. Carabillos 6th period geometry class at RHS.
Did you do your geometry homework?
YEEZY i sure did.
od uživatele YEEZY YAHH HOMEBOX 24. Říjen 2010
137 1213