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it is the site u r on right now and it is friggen sick it tells ur te definition on anything and lots more
Dood 1: Hey wat does rofl mean
Dood 2: Hmm not sure but we can check on www.urbandictionary.com
Dood 1: Ok
od uživatele Dfox20 25. Květen 2007
36 44
If you got this far and dont know what it is you dont deserve to have a computer.
I honestly don't know how to define www.urbandictionary.com
od uživatele Novizzle4shizzle 04. Únor 2006
856 124
A custom slang dictionary, user-built and user-defined. Every day thousands of people visit the site and add new words, and because human vernacular is ever-changing, it is as perfect as a slang dictionary could be.

Define Your World
od uživatele larstait 30. Říjen 2003
158 71
The site to go to if your dictionary won't define modern slang words. A place to post new slang or your definitions of existing words.
od uživatele AYB 02. Duben 2003
89 50
You're looking up this website? You ashame me.
If you don't get off the computer, I'll turn the internet off. Honestly, looking up www.urbandictionary.com.
od uživatele lllleeeeeeeexxyy 15. Září 2007
55 38
Look at your URL.
Guy 1: "What's www.urbandictionary.com?"

Guy 2: "Retard..."
od uživatele HowieDoIt 23. Březen 2010
24 10
n. The address to a particular stored set of HTML that contains a variety of interesting, humourous, and offensive material.
Hey, dude, go to urban-dictionary.com and look up your name! Hee hee, I played the coolest trick ever! I defined it as "the dumest guy ever!" Ha ha!
od uživatele Bad Grammar Must Die 02. Duben 2003
36 50