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When your penis is limp and hanging off to the side.
"Adam, take off your pants and show Kasia your penis."

"I would but I kinda got that wind sock thing going on right now."
od uživatele DoubleDownSaint 06. Červenec 2005
45 8
The foreskin of your penis covering the head of your penis making it resemble a "windsock"
Tom:Yeah man when I got out the pool i had a windsock!
Bob: Yeah me too!!
od uživatele BigRayTheRapper 30. Listopad 2009
24 7
A noun usually used to replace the insult "pussy" or to describe a girl who is very permiscuous and is known to have a loose vagina. Reference of winsock deals with the floppyness of the vagina as it would appear blowing in the wind.
1.)Dude slam some of that vodka you windsock.

2.)Did you guys see that nasty bitch?

-Yeah she totally had a gnarly windsock.
od uživatele puffinpat 16. Leden 2010
19 4
The act of sucking a partner's pink sock.
After giving jenny a pink sock, john proceeded to suck it, this resulting in a wind sock.
od uživatele Sostrich 23. Srpen 2008
2 1
noun; a hybrid canadian/vermonter with a fetish for liquid cheese
"That Fuckin' Sok won't quit until we all live in trailer parks."
od uživatele andrea 27. Listopad 2003
7 8
getting air in the condom
oh shit! We've got a windsock situation on our hands!
od uživatele bootybabe 05. Květen 2003
13 16
When one man is penetrating another man up the bum, goes in too deep, thus resulting in second man's intestines being pulled out his rectum, resulting in something that looks rather like a windsock.
Jimmy was doing Bob up the arse lastnight. Of course he went too deep and Bob ended up with a nasty windsock.
od uživatele Inhialater 18. Březen 2011
1 6