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When a man ejaculates, the white stuff comes out.
od uživatele Bed time 15. Červen 2010
Snow. Precipitation in the form of small ice crystals.
According to the weather forecast we'll be getting plenty of the white stuff tomorrow.
od uživatele Arschlöchli 14. Říjen 2006
The White Stuff is in the middle of an Oreo, baby!
"In the middle of an Oreo, the White Stuff!" - Weird al Yankovic
od uživatele Mike Clemson 15. Říjen 2006
A racist term used to describe the White people. Mainly from western country, i.e. British, American, Aussie, Italian, etc.
WSmith: I hate those white-stuff, they're fucking racist
od uživatele casvanick 28. Duben 2010
1. alcohol, especially illicit liquor

2. cocaine
Stay away from the white stuff. You don't know what it'll do to you.
od uživatele The Return of Light Joker 06. Srpen 2010