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a wet fart.
Lindsey had to go home and change because she werted in her pants.
od uživatele SameerahA 28. Únor 2011
This term originated in San Marcos, TX. It is shorthand for "word" and is used to agree with someone else, reply positively, or as a greeting. Synonyms: tort abort sort court thwart sport short snort wort hort...iculture.
Wanna get drunk tonight?
od uživatele bomax 19. Prosinec 2004
New Zealand trog-slang for "What".
Person: Your a drongo

Cotz: Wert?
od uživatele NATHANSTEIN 13. Březen 2011
Is a saying defined by "6.5" meaning not good, very bad, ugly etc
That situation is rather WERT ! That person is WERT !
od uživatele Jimmy333 31. Leden 2008
saying something is cool, or awesome.
"my mom took me shopping today, and I got a new pair of jeans and 4 tops!"
od uživatele Amelie123 06. Květen 2006