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the new futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation, popularized by rapper Max B
What you talking about, I'm the wave man, the silver surfer, I'm wavy B

Anybody that know me know I'm the waviest
#max b #bigavelli #dipset #byrdgang #owww
od uživatele its moi 21. únor 2008
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adj.) To be fly, impressively dressed, attention seeking through the way you're clothed. To wear nice attire.
Damn girl!, that guy Phats over there is so wavy!
#fly #sexy #cute #fresh #owww
od uživatele Phat$ Dolla$ 22. květen 2008
the word everyone started using when they hopped on Max B's dick... roughly translates to mean somethin is real nice, or somethings good... basically it just has an overall positive connotation
1. yo dat car is wavy.
2. i'm feelin real wavy right now.
3. i'm ridin max b dick so hard yo, shit is wavy!
#dickrider #max b #follower #wack #stupid #dumb
od uživatele Eddie J. 22. prosinec 2008
when someone is really drunk or high off marijuana.
hey chad i was so wavy yesterday night it wasnt even funny
#marujuana #high #sauced #baked #drunk
od uživatele drybutta 05. září 2010
Got swag, got style, well dressed, clean , fresh, mobbin, dope as fuck.
Detroit,MI Artist goes by the name of wavy. @ItsWavy on twitter. join the Wave or catch a fade.
#wavy #itswavy #tomb #detroit #rapper
od uživatele Wavy 10. duben 2012
A female who has it all (beautiful face, nice top, round bottom and trill personality).

*Term used by jiggy niggas.
Did you see that wavy girl? Her booty stupid.

Damn look at that wavy mama.
od uživatele Jiggy Nigga Uno 21. listopad 2015
something that is cool, fun, good, anything for the upside
Man, that rollercoaster was wavy!
#good #fun #nice #cool #positive
od uživatele amar_bellamente 28. září 2015
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