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(noun) A frequent insult principally aimed at a "waste of space"
tha boy larry's a wasteman, bruv!
od uživatele jon_ilford 22. Listopad 2005
240 210
a man that is waste
you're a wasteman...
od uživatele Anonfaggot1111 03. Srpen 2010
93 65
A boi or a man who is a complate dick head. He is involved in pointless activities and go on as if he is good when he is not!!. You dont even want to be near them
Get the fuck away from me you Waste man
od uživatele Fayola 13. Září 2006
34 30
Older men who do nothing with their lives. Also known as a waste of space; or wastefran.
A lazy wasteman; someone who had potential to hold a white collared title, but prefers to live like a slum.
od uživatele travestyfund 01. Prosinec 2013
5 2
People who miss all lectures
Neil and David did not attend hardware. What wastemen
od uživatele wastemancrew 22. Listopad 2013
5 2
An insulting term literally meaning 'waste of space'. It can be used in whatever circumstance to get the message through that you do not hold a very high opinion of somebody.
Janaiya: F***, man, Mr Brennan kept me back after school. Waste man, he is.


Leshay: Ai, man! Don't touch me, you waste man. Nobody likes you.
od uživatele Whoremonger 14. Duben 2008
31 33
When your known as Niren
Look at this gay waste man
od uživatele what is my real name __? 12. Prosinec 2011
7 12