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A fun activity joined by all human fools around the world. It is time to time (actually all the time) large-scale, but also practiced as a mini-series. We call it "domestic-violence" :D :D

Peace is a goal thats usually used to justify starting war.
"Oh, weh weh! We want peace, lets start a war to GET there!"
Did you know that no other species other than humanity practices war? I guess you can say the battle between black and red ants is war, but without blowing shit up.

Face up to this shit; you have failed before you started...human fucks.
od uživatele idonthavaname 13. Červen 2007
The complete breakdown of human civilisation.
war, the language of the inarticulate
od uživatele ashteroid 07. Květen 2007
president bushe's way to saying to a country your wrong
osama bin ladin: i think your country is stupid and does things the wrong way

bush:i declare war on your country
od uživatele y the hell would i tell u 27. Březen 2005
sorry, i gotta argue the com9ing in on the last year thing. WRONG WAR, RETARD!
that guy is so stupid, damn nazi
od uživatele BOB 29. Duben 2003
The only reason any of you ass-jockeys has the ability to write page after page of banal, ignorant bullshit; the reason none of you have a big, white-wig-wearing British bulldog pounding your ass every night (which is better than any of you dipshits deserve).
Magnificent! Compared to war all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance. Gold help me, I do love it so!
od uživatele George 28. Červen 2004
what the U.S should declare on France
We should blow up France
od uživatele jacob 27. Říjen 2003
War is like when you have sex.
dang son she tryin start a war up in the bed.
od uživatele Maurice 21. Únor 2005