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Finnish for "Fuck"
painu vittuun täältä = Get the fuck out of here
od uživatele T 10. Srpen 2003
Pussy or cunt in finnish. Used as fuck in english. Pronounced as vyt-tu.
od uživatele Harry 01. Listopad 2003
I've only heard this meaning "Fuck" in Finnish. Better pronunciation guide is "Vee-too", though.
Mita vittua! - "What the fuck!"
Voi vittu! "Oh fuck!"
od uživatele Nathan Vaughn 28. Březen 2005
Estonian/Finnish for "cunt".
od uživatele MoonKnight 18. Listopad 2002
it is also a synonyme for a part of a cows bowel systems...
Lehmä paskoo vittunsa kautta.
od uživatele vänkyrä 10. Duben 2005