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Aword used for pussy by dumb niggers or by stupid mexicans that think there niggers
"a hib bad deeb, gim som va jing jang"
"Shut the fuck up you stupid fuck! its a pussy,
od uživatele lonestar 06. Červenec 2004

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slang term for vagina. or a mis-defined word by a stupid white boy that can't spell "they're".
1. "I punched her right in the va jing jang."
2. "You should have washed your fingers before sticking them in my va jing jang... now I have a damn yeast infection."
od uživatele philthyphilphilanthropist 30. Listopad 2005
a chinese vagina
i got a chinese girlriend on the weekend i pounded her vajingjang
od uživatele TROLLmast3r 11. Listopad 2012