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Simply, the funniest word in the english language.
I can't wash this marmalade out of my underpants.
od uživatele Morty Johanson 01. květen 2004
The garment traditionally worn underneath trousers to stop your old man from chaffing on your zip.
Do you have holes in your underpants?
How do you get them on then?!
od uživatele The Daddy 13. březen 2003
Something you don't have to wear all the time.
"Are you wearing underpants?"

#optional #butt floss #extra layers #gets in the way of things #kinda sweaty
od uživatele underpantslover99 30. listopad 2009
Usually a term used by 4 - 10 year olds to describe their underwear. This word is often used by Hipsters because it's incredible ironic and non mainstream. A lot of hipsters are turning to under pants because of their nostalgic feel, it reminds them of their past.
Hipster says: Yo dude check my underpants
Non hipster says: Faggot
#hipster #underpants #under #pants #nostalgic
od uživatele Jordaninator 18. srpen 2011
Male underwear worn under a pair of trousers or pants. Many people, mostly in the south of England, believe that underpants and pants are the same thing, which clearly isn't possible.
Check out the skids in that kid's underpants
#knickers #trousers #pants #lingerie #underwear
od uživatele VdiffDave 28. červen 2007
1) to be the worst of the worst. the bottom of the barrel.
2) a house sound guy from a horrible place in the middle of the US ( in Japan pronounced unjapans )
3) A club that is run with the worst staff possible ( club underpants)
1) This sandwich is underpants !!!! yuck

2) We would have sounded good if it weren't for the underpants behind the sound board

3) The cover was $5,000, The sound was horrible and I got beat up by the bouncer at club underpants .
#sound guy #clubs #shit #sucks #balls #crap #horrible #awful #worst
od uživatele megamoiler 22. březen 2007
Underwear for men that some women find sexy.
white briefs, boxer shorts
od uživatele Joe Mangento 17. prosinec 2004
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