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News of some event or information that is worthy of tweeting
Man I just won the lotto, how twitterific is that!
od uživatele invalidrecord 06. Červenec 2009
6 1
An iphone app used to tweet on the popular Twitter network. Thanks to iphones and Twitterific, you can tweet anywhere you have cell phone reception!
I was using Twitterific when I was on the toilet and accidentally got some boo boo on my touch screen!
od uživatele LIL NAYA 01. Prosinec 2009
0 1
1. loose; whorish; skanky.
2. ganksterr.
3. hardcore.
4. glittery
Molly--d00d i totally banged like 3 ppl last night.
D00d-- dang...ur soo twitterific!
(example good for all definitions.)
od uživatele taraTERRRIFIC 03. Březen 2008
2 12