Teenage Women in their Thirties

Women who are aged in their 30s but behave like a teenager in their mannerism. Are silly goofy, don't really have any responsibilities, no children and are single. They are independent
Melbourne fashion model Kelly Johns is proud to be a TWIT
od uživatele Clarmuk 09. Srpen 2009
acronym meaning Thats What I Thought
A: Ur an asshole
B: What did you call me??
A: oh nothing...
od uživatele Eddie_Kc_420 28. Červenec 2009
n. Someone who acts like a complete twat on Twitter. Hence the name: Twit
@douchebag1 dude i would totally pound the shit out of her pussy.

@smartguy1 you fucking twit
od uživatele brainsound 11. Červenec 2009
A foolishly annoying person.
"I'm an insignificant twit."
od uživatele Crabtree-whothefucktookmyname? 08. Červenec 2009
a person who twitters
my friend bob is such a twit. He forgot to look both ways while crossing the street when he was sending a tweet and he got hit by a car.
od uživatele Prodeluxe 23. Květen 2009
a pregnant fish.
a bitch is to dog as a twit is to fish.
od uživatele gosaimasu 22. Květen 2009
Anyone who incessantly talks about or uses Twitter.
Normal person: "What are you doing?"
Twit: "I'm sending out a tweet. You know that Twitter is the new facebook right?"
Normal person: "My god you are such a twit."
od uživatele BadMojo11 01. Květen 2009

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