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actin crazy
jon jon: damn what's that nigga on?

dewayne: i dnt kno but that nigga twirlin
od uživatele thatonegurl813 17. Prosinec 2008
27 12
avoiding, or playing games with someone. usually a girl messin with a guys head.
"yeah, i might come see you." -girl
"qirl, quit twirlin" -boy
od uživatele eyyoo 08. Říjen 2008
18 7
1) when someone does something to make you mad.
2) when your geeked up on some form of pill.
1) ima swing on you nigga, you be twirlin dawg
2) "im jerkin ! im jerkin ! dem pills got me twirlin, i pop one more i sweah ta god ima hurt em!" -Fella
od uživatele DJJJ RUnz the 813 26. Září 2010
5 6