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to go to sleep.

to "tuck in" to bed
Well, it's getting late. I think I'm going to tuck in for the night.
#sleep #tuck #slang #tuckin #in
od uživatele singxmex2xsleep 11. červen 2009
One who tucks thier pants into their boots. One who also rocks aviators and a bandana like they're in Top Gun or something. Also has been known to put their own last name on a 69 Cowboys jersey.
VZ worker 1: Is that guy going to war or something?
VZ worker 2: Nah, that's just Tuck-Ins

VZ Worker 1:Did you write on this cross box?
VZ Worker 2:I put a nice Tuck-Ins in that one

#tucker #if you're happy and you know it tuck your pants tuck tuck #i'm not a player i just tuck a lot #1-800-tuck-ins #tuck off
od uživatele RedNess 27. únor 2007
when a male is on the case of pussy/fucking a slut
"tuck in son"
dave: "yo jack im tucking the fuck in tonight bro"
jack: "shit with who man?"
dave: "some slag called sarah jane"
jack: "shit man i know her, can we make it a 3 way tuck for jokes?"
dave: "yeah bro we can film it too!"
Jack: "tuck in son"
#tuck #tuck in #fuck #sex #slag #3way #on the case
od uživatele tuckinator 25. květen 2008
when a car, truck or suv is lowered so much that the top of the tire is hidden behind the fenders. also tuckin wheel; tucking rubber.
that truck is so low its tuckin.
#slammed #hammered #lowered #dragging #tucking
od uživatele Brendan p D 15. listopad 2006
The action of creating and or packin' a mangina
~ I'm tuckin'. You tuckin'
~ Tuckin' like McFuckin' yo
od uživatele AG 12. leden 2005
British slang equivilant to north american"dig in".
Dinner is seved, everyone go on and tuck in.
#grub #dig in #chow #chow down #chomp
od uživatele pseudourbanite 13. červenec 2015
When a transvestite tucks its dick in its Craiglist pics but when you go there it pulls out a dick that is bigger then yours
That bitch was tuckin in her pics so when I got there I had to choke her out
#schemin #jdm #tranny #dick #cock #penis #craigslist #texas chilibowl
od uživatele smashpuss69 25. březen 2012
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