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Travis is a kid that more agro than anyone else in the universe! He tends to wear vibrams, which are shoes with agro powers! He is a badass at video games and soccer. Everyone likes hims even tho his ideas don't always make sense.
Hey man, do doorknobs taste purple?
Man that is such a travis comment.

Dude, Travis climed a mountain in his vibrams!
od uživatele dudeman2109 12. Říjen 2010
Tall and handsome ,has an extreamly large dick,is very good in bed if you have a chance with a Travis take it ,Travis is very companionate he is most likely to seceded in life will marry a school his school sweetheart is stupidly funny at times and is loud but he has a big heart need him he will be there for you.
Woman:so I heard you were with Travis last night, How was it?
Me:it was maxing and the sex was even better!

He must be a Travis cause he is so spicy
od uživatele Holywaffles 18. Leden 2014
An ugly hobo who gets picked on for being poor and never upgrades anything (original Xbox). Will almost kill you for any type of money, especially a quarter...
Travis: I'm going to go play Halo CE!
*Drew drops quarter*
Travis: MINE!!!
od uživatele DrewpyDog7 02. Prosinec 2011
Rapey neighbour
"Watch out for Travis, he's the rapey neighbour"
od uživatele Travis's Neighbour 11. Duben 2014
A copy cat loser. Who sucks at everything!!
See that guy over there he's such a Travis! I can't believe I'm friends with him!
od uživatele Winning23 29. Prosinec 2011
To make plans to do something, but to back out at the last minute.
"The movie started at 7:00. He called at 6:55 and totally Travised-out."
od uživatele Absydion 06. Únor 2010
A guy who loves a girl name chelsie very very much!
he travis's you
od uživatele jake lee davis 23. Prosinec 2011