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Tossing someone's salad is basically giving a shitty cum-ridden asshole a rim job.
That first week Rob Rotili learned he was too pretty for prison. He already had all of the "sisters" lining up for his speciality - tossed salad.
od uživatele David Gross 27. Duben 2004
Convict slang meaning to be forced to perform oral sex on another convict both penis and asshole
od uživatele Anonymous 27. Duben 2003
1. Well, havin yo salad tossed, means havin yo asshole eaten out wit jelly or syrup.
2. A great punishment for little kids!
3. What happens to you in prison to get initiated.
4. Wonderful after-school activity
Hey man, you want those drugs? You'll have to toss my salad. And I prefer syrup!
od uživatele N-Dizzle 07. Květen 2005
what Martha Stewart teaches you how to do on her show.
I watched Martha Stewart Living this morning. She taught me how to toss a salad.
od uživatele HappyHenry35 29. Červen 2004
To have your hole properly licked for hours.
My slave likes to toss salad for hours. I was sitting on his face. I loved it.
od uživatele Mistress1 10. Duben 2006
the tossing of a particular salad, usually referring to Caesar salad
"I tossed that salad on the floor and the dogs ate it"
od uživatele RecT 31. Leden 2004
refers oral to anal contact. Started as prision sex between men when no women where around. They used vasoline on one mans's anus while another performed oral sex pretended the man's anus was a women's vagina.
I heard you liked to toss salad while in prision.
od uživatele davidgonzales2 24. Říjen 2006