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One who is greatly loved, revered, respected and admired. A great man.
"i'm tired of that man thinking he's a tiko or something"
od uživatele bottom 30. Září 2005
a filipino muslim
putanginang tiko
od uživatele Wendol 04. Březen 2004
A Beautiful African Goddess
You Look just like Tiko
od uživatele ShakeYourBummies 15. Červenec 2014
See (Tiko Tiko Tiko)
od uživatele Kiser 13. Srpen 2003
A Maniac On the web. Kills small animals and dives into walls! A man among men. heavy smoker, and general drug addict.
Tiko You da Man Nigguh!
od uživatele caNcer_b0y 07. Leden 2004
In Phoenix they use the word tiko when talking to their homies and referring to the bus.
J-Ray: How we gon get back to da hood?

Jessie: We gon have to catch dat young tiko
od uživatele Reanna 20. Únor 2007
breath smells like someone took a shit in it but the air conditioner is the best in his car
your breath smells like tiko
od uživatele sako dza 14. Září 2008

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