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Affectionate term for a woman's breasts.
The girls may only be 34B's, but I like them just as they are.
od uživatele MissionDoll 11. Listopad 2004
105 32
A playful title referring to a group or class of male homosexuals however not limited to.
Mariah Evisu: "It's packed in club Shampoo tonight!"

Amarrahii Revlon: "Well you know it is Philly and it's first friday!"

Mariah Evisu: "Yasssssss honey, The Girls are out no shade!"
od uživatele capricorns1st 24. Leden 2011
71 14
Things that make masturbation a whole lot easier for us women!!!
oh yeah! it feelsso much better when i squeeze the girls!!!!!
od uživatele Dominique 09. Září 2004
37 29
Prettiest girl in the world.
Oh man...THEGirl..
od uživatele Linglo 09. Březen 2003
4 4
main charictor millie.a was married to emily.k and is a main charactor on a tv show called 'the girls' in 1954. carried on for 2 years then ended as its time slot got replaced and was said to be inapropriot to be on at that time of day is it was about two women lovers and was not approved of.

emily (short, brunette,funny) and millie (tall,blond,clever) were madly in love and started as best friends who both enjoyed sleepovers and often went to them, which is how they discovered their love.
the girls
'emily: how i love the millie so though she may be like the sex of i. '
'millie: thou shall not fear my love as the is not far from loves perrow'
od uživatele historianblogger 19. Říjen 2011
3 6
In your eyes, the prettiest girl.
I can't believe it, THEGirl looks so stunning.
od uživatele Anonymous 09. Březen 2003
3 8
Like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition only much, much better.
Aline Samy
od uživatele Marquis de Carabas 14. Listopad 2003
10 18