Giving thanks to one person
Thank you, mam.
od uživatele [k-mArt] 15. září 2003
An awesome led zeppelin song
none at all..............
od uživatele Anonymous 12. listopad 2003
shit song by dido - eminem seemed to like it though
and iiiiiiii want to thaaaaaaank you...
od uživatele selmabouvier 18. prosinec 2003
much love
much love brotha
od uživatele JPDAWG 18. září 2003
ending to a smart ass comment
And you can kiss my ass, thank you.
od uživatele Angeleka 18. září 2003
that thing you say when somebody offers up their ho.
Yo guy, you want a swing on my bitch? Response: Thank you.
od uživatele brill 15. září 2003
What to say when y’are in a pickle with some one (from those one commercials..)
Girl-"Why are you so mean some times?!?"

Guy-"Umm..Thank you?"

Girl-"Wow, Greg...You've never said that to me before!!!"*big elated smile here*
#you're wlcome #please #yes, dear. #mamma #commercial #tyeah
od uživatele Victor Van Styn 07. říjen 2005
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