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A word used to replace lol or haha. Much more cute way of laughing! Or can be used to look innocent. Only cute when girls say it. Don't overuse it.
Bob: Where'd my tighty whities go?
(From down the hall, in another room)
Maria: tehe!
od uživatele molly555555 05. Květen 2007
281 102
An expression of happiness. Was used in an episode of Family Guy and can be overused. Can also be spelled "TeeHee", "Te He", or "Tee Hee".
Oh, Tehe, that was a really funny joke!
od uživatele GuitarPlaya 21. Prosinec 2005
107 68
half-assed tee hee

mostly used while txting
K- your mom is so fat she has cheats for wii fit
D- tehe
od uživatele blu3hat 23. Listopad 2010
29 35
A word used to replace random words when talking in a mocking country accent. Pronounced 'Teh hee'
"Just go yonder to that tehe, and get me a tehe!"

"I tehe what son!"
od uživatele Mr. Twa 12. Březen 2010
13 66
The act of intentionally urinating in ones own bed, and then sleeping in it
"Im going to Tehe tonight"
od uživatele Rebecca Thaloos 24. Prosinec 2007
49 167