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The partisan right-wing group that launched a bellow the belt attack on John Kerry, saying that he'd betrayed his country and served as a coward in Vietnam. Aparently it's not that bad that george w. bush was a draft dodger.
Anyone with an IQ over 70 can see through the lies of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
od uživatele wrestlingfreak 28. srpen 2006
A brave group of Vietnam Vets who spoke out about their first-hand knowledge of John Kerry's falsified war record. They also reminded the country of Kerry's well documented traitorous acts in the early 1970's that had been conveniently buried by the mainstream press.
If not for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, that lying bastard Kerry might have been President.
od uživatele Bobby Farrelly 24. srpen 2006
A group of fucking liars who dragged John Kerry's name through the dirt on two false accusations:

1: "John Kerry never did anything heroic in Vietnam"
Acatually, John Kerry jumped off his swiftboat during a firefight to rescue a crew member who had falled overboard. And why don't you tell me about W's heroism while AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard?

2: "John Kerry betrayed his country"
Oh yeah? Let me tell you this. Out of concern for the troops being killed in Vietnam, John Kerry joined Vietnam Vets Against the War. John Kerry saw his country making a mistake and said so. That is patriotism. The "my country right or wrong" attitude is ignorance on par with medeival peasants.
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth sent out it's slanderous ads without the authorization of Bush? Bullshit.
od uživatele Jonzo the Weasel 15. srpen 2006
An organization that sought to discredit Senator John Kerry's military service in Vietnam by claiming that he committed cowardly acts and that his medals were not deserved. This group was supposedly comprised of veterans who had served in Vietnam at the same time and on the same type of missions.

Actually a front group for Republican operatives aiming to discredit their opponent, Swiftboat Veterans for Truth suddenly appeared during the presidential race. Their attacks were effective despite Kerry's record of combat service versus his opponent's stint in the National Guard away from combat. Kerry lost his election bid and the Swiftboat group disappeared immediately after George W. Bush was reelected.

The verb "to swiftboat someone" has since entered the American political lexicon as a synonym for an ad hominem attack which seeks to discredit a person, usually made by a thinly veiled front group of operatives.
Where have the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth gone? Here they were, instantly organized and running ads on TV as if they were well financed by the Republican National Committee or something, and now they have disbanded and faded into nothing more than a verb used to describe bearing false witness and attempting to discredit a political opponent.
od uživatele el_che 18. červen 2008
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