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support is aid provided to resolve an international problem or money given to resolve an international dispute
The United Nations supported the conflict in Afghanistan
od uživatele Dr. Yohan Jacobs 25. Říjen 2004
32 20
1.) Sex (of any type)

2.) Booze

3.) Controlled Substances
Support our troops!
od uživatele SmellyPirateHookerFucker 11. Leden 2009
21 14
a jockstrap, an atheletic supporter. Serves as a device for the protection of the genitals
Matt put the support on his crotchal area
od uživatele matt 24. Květen 2004
25 22
the myspace version of aids, mainly acclaimed to those with many friends.
Gerry: hey tom, how many friends you got?
Tom: 576
Gerry: well, you gotsupport.hahahahahaha
od uživatele Kozai 10. Červenec 2008
9 20