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i skinny crack head that gets paid to throw up
i saw a supermodel yesterday that looked like she hadent eaten in weeks.
od uživatele angie price 12. Červenec 2006
98 178
A victim of society just like everyone else. Many suffer from eating disorders and some even die from them. It sickens me to see such comments as the ones above about eating disorders from people who know nothing about them.
Just a few weeks ago a model died on the runway from malnutrition. People die from this everyday, and its not something thats funny or that you can make fun of. Supermodels are real people with real problems. Just like everyone else.
od uživatele people die from this 21. Srpen 2006
72 157
Modern: synonym for anorexic
That supermodel couldn't weigh more than eighty pounds! Who would find that sexy?
od uživatele Real women have curves 02. Listopad 2003
73 164
A goddess worthy of taking it balls and all, right up the arse.
Oh my god! - Check out Adriana Lima! She needs to be fed, balls and all, right up the arse...
od uživatele Richie 30. Duben 2004
37 130