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Man who killed tupac and made millions off his death.
and now he tryin to kill snoop.
Suge Knight deserves to die!
od uživatele Tragik 26. Listopad 2003
1077 172
One fatass mother fucker.
od uživatele 2PAC4LIFE 26. Červen 2003
772 77
Fucking Loser
od uživatele JadaChris 19. Říjen 2003
878 201
Dick riding faggot-ass motherfucker
burn in hell suge.
that suge knight is gon' rot in hell
od uživatele Rhythm n Gangsta 11. Prosinec 2004
614 96
Former head of Death Row Records. He is an ex-football player and is rumored to be afilliated with LA gangs. He was also behind the murders of TuPac and Notorious B.I.G.
Suge Knight should confess to the murders instead of leading the police into this ongoing investigation.
od uživatele Anonymous 24. Červen 2003
424 93
killer of tupac
bullheaded criminal
in tupacs cd its say suge shot me
od uživatele bizzle 07. Květen 2003
423 114
killed pac, cheated him out of millions. got locked up, came out and signed kurupt. nobody likes him.
suge shot me-makaveli-7 day theory
od uživatele makavelikilluminatishottigotti 21. Prosinec 2004
273 40