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A term popularized by late great rapper, Eazy-E.

A studio gangsta’ is a hip hop artist who may have decent rap skills, but definitely has no street credit. So their entire bio will be made up by their respective record label. To include tales of guns, violence and drug dealing, while in reality they grew up in suburbia.
Vanilla Ice aka Robbie Van Winkle.
od uživatele brentreznor 21. Květen 2005
Someone who talks hard on their lyrics, but doesn't do anything they rap about.
od uživatele Big Nate 06. Srpen 2003
Writes a book/song about ending a feud, then jumps into another feud. And if we point out his lost feuding credibility ... then Studio Gangsta tells us to stop reading/listening him. Studio Gangsta wont move to local beat writing, so he sends out a "Sorry Fellas" tweet/song.
studio gangsta the truth tweet song
od uživatele h4pi 13. Listopad 2010