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Plain old style with eaaaaze
You Know My Steez - Gang Starr (Not method man!)
od uživatele Beny 10. Leden 2006
3187 1002
Somebody's unique style
the fools who wrote the other deffinitions for "steez" have no steez at all.
od uživatele Nilbert Nullingsworth 25. Srpen 2003
2145 1368
Style with ease. Originally from the song Shadowboxin by GZA and Method Man (I added links for you dumb tricks who don't already know) when Meth says:

"Slip the cardiac arrest me, excorcist hip-hop posess me
Crunch a nigga like a Nestle, you know my STEEZ"

It was then further sampled by DJ Premier, the producer of Gang Starr's songs, for the beat to "You Know My Steez" which is just a repeated sample of Meth's lyric
This dude doesn't even have enough steez to get his facts right. Check my steez bitch
od uživatele Chazzwa 07. Červen 2011
337 178
Style With Ease
You know my steez!

Method Man on Shadowboxin' GZA track dropped in 1995 and sampled 3 years later by Gangstarr.

Method Man not Gangstarr!
od uživatele Killah Priest 02. Prosinec 2009
250 192
!. Style with ease.

2. Someone's trademark or own style.

3. General word replacement,(i.e. "thing)
1. Yo that dude's got mad steez.

2. You know my steez.

3. "You goin to that steez at Joe's house tonight?"
od uživatele Steezy9887 11. Duben 2009
89 70
Style with ease = Steez. Nuff said. Method man said it first. Premier scratched it. Know your shit.
Method Man: "You Know my steez" from Shadowboxin'.
od uživatele Rapper Big Poohnani 20. Únor 2011
90 80
Style with ease.
Jsteez, Justin Balayan
od uživatele monchadee 13. Srpen 2008
66 59