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"Man, I be needin' some sqilla fo dis blunt right here."
od uživatele Gina 19. leden 2003
Oops. I spelt it wrong in the last one. Squilla*
od uživatele Gina 19. leden 2003
a Squilla is a name given to a man or woman who has let their drug of prefference take over there day to day life. It doesn't matter if they are at work or just out on the town. A squilla makes sure that he is taken care first and foremost all day every day. OTher attributes include being a lop case, confused, unable to make clear sense, and not sharing the wealth. Someone who is well caught up.
I met this chick last night at the bar. She was kinda of pretty but she was all squilled out.

A few homies are coming over tonight. "O really, who's coming?"
Just the usual suspects aswell as the squilla man.
#squilla man #she's a squilla #all squilled out #when calling someone a squill #it must be said loud: squilla
od uživatele nino ;) 25. květen 2006
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