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In Soviet Russia, definition adds you!
od uživatele dj gs68 09. Srpen 2003
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A magical place where things happen in quite the opposite from the good ol' USA, and where men in furry hats follow you but disappear when you look back.
In America, you can always find a party, but in Soviet Russia, the Party finds you!

In Soviet Russia, cold catches you!
od uživatele Gizwidget 12. Listopad 2007
A beautiful place full of communism. Everything here is backwards
In Russian accent: "in soviet russia, you do not kill communists, COMMUNISTS KILL YOU!"
od uživatele Starkasm 11. Březen 2015
A place where the opposite of the norm happens. As shown in the example, instead you driving the car...
In Soviet Russia, car drives you!
od uživatele IanTheLUEser 14. Prosinec 2003
A place. It used to be commie.
In Soviet Russia, Kenny kills you!
od uživatele Carynne No. 18. Leden 2007
Commonly known as the USSR, it was a communistic country until 1991. Know, it's know for being the main joke that's the opposite of the united states.
Soviet Russia was the reds before the Chinese.

In Soviet Russia urbandictionary add you!
od uživatele kingjt13 03. Březen 2009
lame fad on message boards...
In Soviet Russia, topics make you!
od uživatele 404Cutman 24. Srpen 2003

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