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A reply from someone who is beign told that one of there friends has been owned
Mitch: Hahahaha Brad got his Astra bogged at Mungab and the front bumper fell of!

Taz: Hahahaha Snap!
od uživatele Peter Alexander 11. Srpen 2008
6 8
–noun : an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.
Yo dog, looks like Jamie picked up some new snaps at Footlocker today!
od uživatele Brian Swanson 24. Únor 2008
3 5
Snapping your fingers at someone who is rude to you. Sort of like saying whatever with your fingers.
person 1: your shoes are ugly
person 2: snap fingers at person 1 rather than saying anything.
od uživatele zuber johnson 30. Listopad 2007
0 2
Snap-n-When you do something killer for the greater good of mankind, regardless of fear.

Usually, a snap occurs when against your better judgment you attempt something which could lead to utter failure.
After spending all day building a huge ramp, Neil was having second thoughts about the ramp's structural integrity, yet despite those concerns Neil had a snap, and tore at the ramp with complete disregard of the consequences.


Carl approached Anja, the stunningly attractive foreign exchange student, and asked her out, despite the fact all of his friends told him there was no way in hell she’d give him the time of day, let alone go out with a chump like him.

Snap tends to form in the gut, versus in the mind of the person performing the snap.

Oddly enough, snap seems to signify a certain level of courage, which attracts women as much as it attracts scars and fractured bones.
od uživatele Kilgoretrout79 23. Červenec 2005
0 2
Word which is substitute for food.
'am goin' to get some snap'
od uživatele jazz 04. Leden 2005
17 19
To hit from a bong so that the burning weed gets sucked completely through the carb, leaving a clean empty bowl to pack to shit in. To finish up the weed in the bowl.
Yo, hurry up and snap that shit.
Don't give me your burnt up bowl, snap that shit.
od uživatele Ridizog 01. Červen 2004
21 23
Something that is easy to do.
That final exam was a snap.
od uživatele Frank Footer 15. Březen 2004
19 21