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a higher level of crackin
I cant wait to play this song in my car, it slaps!
od uživatele Lisa 23. Únor 2005
3 19
loud music in cars
Man that car got that slap
od uživatele Ferd 11. Prosinec 2003
18 34
music that sounds good, and has a very good melody
blood, this partys music is slappin
od uživatele anonymous 30. Březen 2003
12 28
Somethin like a pimp. To dominate, be very good. No one is better then you.
Don’t worry about what I am doing. I am SLAP at this game
Man I run this. I am SLAP on these streets.
od uživatele Frank Zumo 14. Červen 2007
6 23
Acronym for Sex, Age, Location, and Pic. Commonly used as a question in internet chatrooms, since more and more people on the internet have pics making "ASL?" or "A/S/L?" outmoded.
A person enters chatroom, then another person asks...
od uživatele TJ 12. Březen 2005
7 25
Oz term for Japanese
Most of the Eastern seaboard has been bought up by slaps.
od uživatele sideways 11. Květen 2004
3 21
Used in substitution to almost every verb. Similar to "smurf" in the popular cartoon. See also: "pop"
Did you slap the game yesterday?
I slapped her an email, but she didn't reply.
After some foreplay, we started slapping.
Slap this, shit man, it's good shit.
I'm thinking of slapping it, but it's quite pricey.
od uživatele Nicola 12. Listopad 2003
2 20