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"skine" relating to the word skeen.

It is said in conversation with one another and is used as a form of understanding.

It has a mixture of pronounciations including (sh-k-i-ne), (sk-i-i-ne) and (sk-i-ne).

An extra "age" (ar-j) can also be added to the end of the word to emphasize the word. "skinage" (sk-i-i-ne-ar-j).
Gus: you know that reflexx murked some manz from norf.
Sean: skine was it a raw bangin?
Gus: yeh manz got owned differently.
od uživatele Sean. Tikz . 26. Únor 2008
16 6
Adj:unbearably cool sexy and juicy
Synonmys: awesome, sweet
"Damn, mom this fruit is skine"
"Did you see that new movie? Its so skine"
od uživatele Shineyskiney 31. Leden 2010
7 0
Success is Coming Our Way
Work hard and keep your head up because SCOW
od uživatele smartgirly120 11. Duben 2012
8 2
A type of boat of very simple design. Characterized by a flat bottom, tapered up at the bow and stern, with a rectangular plan form. Generally symmetrical in appearance, it may have a rudder at the stern, be of nearly any size and can be powered by just about anything ever used on a boat, from oars to sails to steam and internal combustion engines. Many barges are essentially un-powered scows.
I use my scow to traverse inland lakes and streams.
od uživatele wichita 17. Září 2008
11 5
An acronym: Stupid COffee Walkers, rhymes with "cow". Refers to people who buy coffee and walk around it with attempting to look more mature than they really are without enjoying the coffee. Found predominantly in yuppie filled areas, especially in the city and university campuses.
"Did you see those scow's back there?"

"She's such a scow, it's as if she has a coffee cup stuck to her hand"
od uživatele Danke! 31. Květen 2006
21 15
1. An interjection, expressing approval of someone who has verbally put someone else in his or her place; acknowledgement of someone's verbal facility, apt observation, or biting wit.

2. A verb that encompasses the actions named above.
"Did you see Jon Stewart's thing about CNBC?"
"Yeah--scow!" (def. 1)

"Did you see Kea's face when Dave told her what he thought of her haircut?"
"Yeah, he totally scowed her." (def. 2)
od uživatele Dolly13 10. Březen 2009
4 2
a male who has an impressive amount of game when it comes to talking to girls, the looks of the girls does not matter to this man, he will mack on them either way, as long as they have two legs and a pussy, the number of girls he has had sex with his higher then all his friends and he loves to tell his sex stories to his friends, despite their disgusted comments about the fat chicks that he usually gets with, on occasion he will find a pretty cute girl and hammer her too
dude your such an s-cow, i can't believe you did that girl last night
od uživatele franky-t-bone 28. Květen 2008
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