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Houses for your feet.
Hey, where do your feet live?

In my shoes, what, you been chiefing?
od uživatele Kalljuian 11. Březen 2005
576 120
A video on youtube featuring the comedian Liam Sullivan. Most people either hate or love it but it is definitely getting its five minutes of fame. Common catchphrases include betch and deck.
"'Shoes, ohmygod, shoes!'"
od uživatele Dominique S 07. Leden 2007
511 149
Not a sock.
"Hey man, that's a radical pair of shoes you got there. They ain't being no socks are they?"
"'Course not, they is shoes blud."
od uživatele Dr. Nathan Harding 20. Leden 2006
398 95
the rims/tires of a vehicle.
"click the shoes on that hummer!"
od uživatele K-dub-G 06. Leden 2003
325 212
Something you throw at Bush. Then he pretends to be calm and cool about the situation.
An Iraqi reporter takes off his shoe and throws it at Bush. Then proceeds to take off his other shoe to throw it at Bush again. Therefore throwing two shoes. The secret service failed at taking down this Iraqi reporter quickly.
od uživatele Melissa Makela 09. Leden 2009
158 59
An Superior Iraqi weapon, only used 2 times yet. Deals double damage against Americans.

Shoe is also used for protecting feet and walking. There are many versions of shoe: boot, sandal, sneaker, flip-flop etc. Shoes always come in pairs.
2 shoes thrown at President Bush during press conference in Iraq.

Now shoes are 20% cheaper!
od uživatele Frosty The Wise 08. Leden 2009
163 65
A complex amalgamation of fabric and rubber in which to protect your feet from tiny stones and nails that may just happen to be lying on the ground.

Much better than sandals.
Wearing shoes makes you lustful to the opposite sex.
od uživatele Giltia 07. Leden 2006
165 78