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an expression used when something surprises you, or something bad happens to you.
oh shit nipples, the dryer just scared the fuck out of me.
od uživatele xtheusedx3x 25. Květen 2008
18 6
(n.) a woman's asshole
"Dude, I totally fucked that girl in her shit nipple all night!"
od uživatele Hirohito Okinawa 02. Květen 2008
10 2
To stick your nipple in the ass of a male partner in order to cause arousal.
1.She gave me the shit nipples and I almost shot it in her eye.
2.I nearly sucked her shitnipples until i remembered where they had been.
od uživatele Summer Jarrell 02. Listopad 2006
10 4
General insult; usually meaning the person is both weak and a jerk, but is also used to express angry dislike of a person or their actions.
"After all that talk about how he was such a better worker than us, John didn't get a raise. What a shit nipple."

"Use your damn turn signal, you shit nipple!"
od uživatele Doctor Pew 17. Květen 2013
1 0