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1. An automobile that is in poor condition.
2. An automobile that is prone to breaking down frequently. See cadillac
Did you see that shitbox he was driving?
od uživatele theseeker 10. Červenec 2003
201 71
something that is low quality or nonworking.
Jesus Fucking Christ your car is a shitbox dude.
od uživatele catspleen 16. Leden 2003
233 65
Microsoft's X-Box
I was playing my Shit-Box yesterday. I discovered 5 new buttons somewhere around the east-side.
od uživatele Bastardized Bottomburp 02. Duben 2003
162 98
A car of poor quality or condition.
My friend's shitbox 92 acura will never get him pussy.
od uživatele NICK3189 08. Květen 2007
103 40
Can either be a beat up rusty old pick up truck of 2X4 or 4x4 suspension; or if you are in the military of your country it is the locker/footlocker you store your "shit", i.e. personal kit in...
eg. 1 There is a shitbox pickup truck contest on at the exhibition grounds in three weeks!!!
eg. 2 Shake out your shitboxes, and line up the contents on your bunks, plugs! Inspection in twenty six mike! the Sergeant shouted, booming....
od uživatele J. Michael Reiter 14. Červenec 2004
60 20
a very old and slow computer
'let me try and print from this shitbox'
od uživatele Ralph Owen 18. Prosinec 2003
64 28
i.e. a Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt

Describes the cars in the Regular Treasure Hunt Series released by Hot Wheels.
Davit: "I went into Wal-Mart this morning and the pegs were plump full!"

Si: "What did you find?"

Davit: "I saw the green stripe and got all excited just to find out it was just a shitbox."
od uživatele Looped Out 02. Listopad 2009
41 15