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an object, person or style that is considered unique and indifferent. Often one uses this word as an extreme measure of coolness and swag.
I like your socks, they're pre' shey.
od uživatele kathyryn IC @ T I-I Y 03. Prosinec 2012
12 2
a shorter way to tell somebody to SHUTUP.
"OMG. Im Paris Hilton. THE Paris Hilton."

"Oh shey bitch."
od uživatele lawson aka jw 24. Červen 2009
40 32
is a type of person that's just a total lad/lass. A Shey always have a nice arse and is abnormally tall.
Kayleigh + Kadie: ''Oh hello, you're looking good today!''
Matthew:''Thanks, i've decided that i'm from now on going to be a Shey.''
od uživatele bluefootprints 02. Prosinec 2011
16 11
A flowering bush native of south Africa which is known to bear a orange fruit in the summer time that is extremely posionous to humans but becomes food to local insects...
Oh shit my buddy ate some sheys berries so now he is going to die...
od uživatele Devin 03. Srpen 2004
3 6
Gender neutral pronoun. Used in lieu of "it" or "they".
I'm maintaining a long distance relationship with an amazing person; shey is in South Africa.
od uživatele rsr3004 19. Srpen 2008
13 25