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One who is brazen, fearless or disregards the consequences of his/her actions. Crazy, Overconfident, Ill.
Origin:Charlotte, NC - the QC - the Queen City
1. He came in and assaulted the young man openly in public, He is rather "shell"
2. Dude just rolled in and punch my man dead in his grill. He straight "shell"
od uživatele Wisdoma Allah 24. Červenec 2003
A slang term used in Cleveland and surrounding cities to refer to a cigar of any kind used to smoke marijuana.
I got some green, but do you got a shell?
od uživatele Da One 15. Listopad 2005
fuckin gorgeous, lovely girl
od uživatele Anonymous 16. Červen 2003
slang name for Bullets
That Mac-10 spit 30 shells and kille johnny
od uživatele ac 04. Únor 2004
A shell is the command processor interface. The command processor is the program that executes operating system commands. The shell, therefore, is the part of the command processor that accepts commands. After verifying that the commands are valid, the shell sends them to another part of the command processor to be executed.
When Windows failed to boot, I needed to use a DOS shell.
od uživatele qbert 18. Červenec 2004
An exclamation used by someone when describing someone else who in a position that's usually both unlucky and embarassing. This is a Manchester UK specific slang-word.
'His mum caught him having a hand-shandy.'
od uživatele Jasper Byrne 25. Srpen 2006
slang for bullet, but this is actually incorrectly used. a shell is actually a high calibur bullet, usually from a shotgun.
"I been hit with a few shells, but I don't walk with a limp"
od uživatele boom boom b 16. Červenec 2004