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See: shit
That's the sheeit!
od uživatele hfs 16. Květen 2003
83 12
A Synonym to the commonly used word "Shit" but it sounds better
Sheeit Playa, look at that fine girl over churr!
od uživatele Mick Deez 05. Květen 2005
68 12
Means "shit". Used when something of misfortune occurs. Usually said in a high pitched voice with emphasis on the "ee". Could also be said quickly in a gruntal voice with emphasis on the "it".
Mr. ATC: So did you do your presentation zood?
Tones: Urgh, What! That's do today? Aw SHEEEEE-IT!
Alien: Shee-IT!
od uživatele nadjask 31. Březen 2009
52 13
longer more dramatic version of the wotd shit
Hostage need to be took alive has just commited suiced
Ssgt. Griggs: "Sheeit, man that kid's got some issues"
od uživatele SMUDG3 20. Březen 2008
52 22
what niggas say when they realize they fucked up
fugg you nyka you rapd your stebsyster ageen
od uživatele Terry millsz 12. Červen 2013
9 1
It simply means "Shit." It's used to describe surprise and/or opposition towards a comment and/or situation. Usually in a major way.
WOMAN: I need a huge favor.
MAN: What?
WOMAN: Will you pay my rent and bills? I'll give you something to make it worth your while.
MAN: Shee-It!!!!!!!! Your hand cares about my money more than you care about me.
od uživatele Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant 16. Říjen 2006
10 3
A southern redneck or cajun version of the word "Shit". Now used by several rap artists.
Damn that Sheeeeeeeeeee-it was nast-tee!
od uživatele BillyG 08. Duben 2003
10 7