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SKrunT: a domineering woman.
Very Overdemanding.
has no patience for her partner.or anyone else.. for that matter
My girl is being a real SCRUNT lately...
All she wants is "Her,Her,Her!"
od uživatele Glurnt,Glurnty 22. Říjen 2003
1. The result produced when a cunt is smashed by a flying headbut.
2. derogotory term used to describe a slut or fuckhead.
Has it's origins from busted up weekends.
1. Looks like she's been kicked in her scrunt guts.
2. I am scrunt munted!
od uživatele Baz 21. Duben 2004
the paw padding movements made by an affectionate cat as it settles on ones lap
Go scrunt over there puss, you're annoying me.
od uživatele spandex 15. Červenec 2003
to search for something with more than a hint of desperation
Little Jimmy scrunted through the drawer almost as if his very life depended on finding that manky pair of panties.
od uživatele veggiewarrior 23. Duben 2003
A hairless pussy
"Have you checked out Halle's scrunt?"
od uživatele Johnny Queefer 22. Únor 2003
The area on a hermaphrodite that lies where the scrotum meets the cunt.
"That is the worst hatchet scrunt I've ever seen."
od uživatele shecky weinshem 27. Prosinec 2005
Young cunt. Based on the same word construction as "scrod." Since "scrod" is young cod, then "scrunt" is young cunt.
We was out looking fo scrunt.
od uživatele Drew B 01. Červenec 2005