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The phrase use in NBC's Heroes to save the hot girl that everybody wants to bang. usually followed with... save the world.
Save the cheerleader... save the world

Save the cheerleader... so i can bang her doggy style
od uživatele Bald Pretzel 14. Listopad 2006

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To remind someone of their primary objective.
Person 1 - Hey, aren't you supposed to be picking up tickets to that movie for you and your old lady tonight? I already bought mine and I know you're not flaking out.

Person 2 - Yeah, I am, I am, I was just really in the mood for some Chinese before we go out.

Person 1 - Look, just Save the Cheerleader before you forget; I don't feel like going to this movie alone.
od uživatele Count Samael 19. Červenec 2009