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a food commonly used by men to oppress women
typical male: get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.
od uživatele ih8stalkers 08. Červenec 2011
730 198
what you tell your woman to make for you if you dont wanna take her shit.
Jen: john, go walk my chihuahua. here's the poopie bag. it might be a little runny because he accidentally ate some of your pizza yesterday. HEY! are you listening to me??

John: *pimp slap* BITCH, go make me a sandwich!
od uživatele make me a fuckin sandwich, jen 14. Leden 2010
883 415
Hobo currency
Hobo: "Will work for sandwiches"
od uživatele TurboPhoenix 12. Září 2008
593 206
1. (noun) A popular lunch concoction consisting of two or more pieces of bread with various meats, cheeses or condiments in between them. Derived from Earl of Sandwich of England who is said to have first popularized the meal in the 18th century.

2. (verb) To compress something with force between two other objects.

3. (noun) A vile, old woman who practices Wicca and lives on the beach. Easily identified by nose wart and close proximity to shoreline.

4. (noun) A sexual situation involving three people, mostly metaphorical. Literally, it is a sexual position in such a gathering where one person receives sexual stimulation from one person below them, and the other participant above them; usually a female between two males where her vagina and anus are penetrated by each male simultaneously.
1. "Angus was making me a peanut butter sandwich and he dropped a slice face down in the dirt so I made him eat it."

2. "When the train came to a sudden stop I was sandwiched between two fat guys with an armpit in my face. That's why I smell like this."

3. KID: "Daddy! I saw a sandwich!"
DAD: "Don't be silly, boy."

4. I'd sandwich Tanya if she was the one who asked for it, but since it was Howard's idea then he's a fuckin' meat gazer.
od uživatele Mickey Nation 15. Listopad 2006
580 301
2 men penetrating a woman from both sides at the same time, vaginally and anally.
Peter and John sandwiched Mary.
od uživatele Krazy Kraut 18. Leden 2004
401 324
something every women needs to know how to make
bitch, go make me a sandwich...
od uživatele repairman man man man 23. Leden 2011
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Favorite of The Great Bains. One side rye, one side white, corned beef in the middle. Oh yeah!
Bains, laying exhausted in his bed says, "Man, what a sweet sandwich!"
od uživatele die_tasse 18. Březen 2005
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