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A person from Gujrat is called a gujju. Someone from Tamilnadu, or a Tamil speaking person; Used as they are believed
Oh yeah, its the Sambar desi that wrote that program!
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1. Popular South Indian liquid dish. Laden with intestine-corroding Andhra red chillis & larded with tongue-burning Malabar peppers, it is relished by Negroid-Australoid Dravidians with their desensitised taste buds, genetically thicker intestines & 'binghi skin' lips. However, it is abhorred by Caucasoid & Mongoloid peoples, among whom it has been scientifically proven to cause ulcers, elevate risk of abdominal cancers & increase blood pressure.

2. Hence, used as a derogatory term for Dravidians. Identified with South Indians (& esp. Dravidian men) for the following reasons:

a. Sambar burns the non-Dravidian tongue, symbolising the destructiveness of Dalit-Dravidians in Indo-European societies, as exemplified by the Tamil Tigers, South Indian Goondas, Andhra Black Cobra Gangs & Dalit Panthers.

b. The ulcers it causes are taken to represent the diseases often attributed to Dravidians.

c. the thick, opaque, viscous & salty liquid is equated with Dravidian sperm.

For example, Sambar is used to denote Tamilians & Andhras in Telingana: "During the late fifties the Hyderabad State Congress openly pressured non-mulkis to leave the region. Demonstrations in Hyderabad city and in several district towns ran with slogans like non-mulkis go back, Idli-Sambar (Tamils & coastal Andhras) go back, & Hyderabad for Hyderabadis." 'Sons of Soil - Migration and ethnic conflict in India' M Weiner. Princeton: Princeton Univ Press, 2008, p 224.
1) During the numerous Marathi-Madrasi riots from the 1960s to the 1990s, Marathi nationalists attacked South Indians as 'Sambar': "The hymn of hatred still ringing in their ears, these angry young Maharashtrians attacked non-Maharashtrian restaurants & beat up the hawkers. They shouted slogans as they attacked: 'Idli Sambar Bandh Kara,' 'Madrashana Hakun Lava' ... Bal goes on to list the crimes of 'South Indian goondas': (1) Bootlegging, (2) Street robberies, (3) Dock theft, (4) Smuggling (5) Hawking smuggled & fake goods & pushing out the Maharashtrian vegetable vendors by force, (6) Blackmarket in railway & cinema tickets. 7) Rice smuggling. 8) Collecting rent & pugree from unauthorised constructions. 9) Controlling public santitary conveniences & demanding money from users. 10) Extortion from gullible customers by shoe-shine boys, 11) Kidnapping & maining children to be used later for begging, (12) Wagon looting." (Enlite {Light Pubns, 1967}, 'Maharashtra: The Shiv Sena Cult'. v1: 22f)

2) "A wave of anti-non-mulki sentiment manifested itself particularly in Telangana ditricts in August 1952. Slogans like 'Non-Mulkis go back', 'Idli-Sambar go back', 'Hyderabad for Hyderabadis' were frequently raised." - 'Telangana: a study in the regional committees in India' K V Narayana Rao Calcutta: Minerva Associates, 1972, p 72.
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