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it stands for son of a bitch! or from the show sons of butcher
um cant really describe s.o.b.
od uživatele Dfox20 25. Duben 2007
72 48
Initials for Son Of a Bitch.
"Get back here you fucking sob!!"
od uživatele Dave 30. Leden 2004
742 114
acronym for

S- Son
O- Of (a)
B- Bitch

you stupid, SOB!!!!!! (when someone doesn't want to be too graphic by using the actual words)
od uživatele woobie 10. Říjen 2005
328 115
son of a bitch

In other languages:

portuguese: FDP = Filho da puta
spanish: HDP = Hijo de puta
Vai toma no cu filho da puta
ustedes eres un cabron hijo de puta
you fucktar son a bitch
od uživatele hexa 12. Prosinec 2003
286 129
A wretched and disgusting person.(From Son Of A Bitch.Not pronounced as a word)
I Hate it when those S.O.B.s call me things like Flowery, Pussy whipped, and a racist halfwit(I am against descriminating Blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and other races due to the fact that racism is unaccaptable) because I am not any of those things and this is a dictionary anyway.
od uživatele Light Joker 01. Červenec 2004
235 101
1) Son-Of-a-Bitch
2) word used to represent crying sounds
1) All the children in Springfield are SOBs (from the Simpsons)

2) sob sob
od uživatele Whale Watcher 22. Duben 2003
205 75
01: Son of a bitch
01: It is not sensible to refer to your brother as an s.o.b; it just makes you sound silly.
od uživatele Richard. P. Jones - Demi-God 17. Duben 2004
92 16
short for "son of a bitch"
you silly little SOB
od uživatele RANDOM-ZERO 26. Srpen 2005
90 38