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verb. the act of fornicating with any woman who is up to letting you tell everyone you just "repped" her.
Jordan says: I'm gonna get hype, poke around here and there, and "rep" some bitches! Chea!
od uživatele tonygindahouse 20. Prosinec 2004
9 26
In the online game Subspace (aka Continuum): A repel.
I was under attack and fired off all my repels.
od uživatele MonteZuma 26. Srpen 2004
9 29
Representative; or a friend, beddren and etc.
"Your my rep"
od uživatele UrbanAssault 06. Prosinec 2002
6 28
another way to say "representatives," people representing how cool one may be.
A hot girl walks into the room and Justin starts hitting on her. The hot girl seems flattered and flirts back. Justin's friend, Josiah, would be able to say "dude you get REPS."
od uživatele asbaby 28. Duben 2011
15 43
REP iz as same as tha word RAP, sounds
like the same, Gst different "spelling"
its time fo` me to rep this place ...
od uživatele saywhaaat 11. Prosinec 2003
5 43