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Shortened version of "raised to be lame".
Yo Tommy! Lets goto the strip club after the bars close!

No way, it's already 2am, I gotta be up early.

Dude, stop acting raised, let's go.
od uživatele Ronnie Jonez 12. Leden 2010
22 13
To be very, very high on marijuana, ganja, pot, etc.
Yo, Gucci I am so raised right now!

I'm so fuckin raised...

U look raised outta've your goddamn mind.
od uživatele AJ Loc 08. Srpen 2011
12 5
to be high off of marijuana; to be baked, stoned, or ripped.
"shit, im so raised right now"
od uživatele mary janeee 15. Srpen 2007
14 8
the destiny of a runt is be raised,this could refer to the point when the runt is actualy in action, or when the runt is dead,and refered to in past tense.
-"have you raised that runt yet?"
-"i raised it about two hours ago fool".
od uživatele davilse 28. Duben 2004
11 10
Un-cool, lame, or overrated. Opposite of lowered.
"That's so raised," Phil exclaimed while pointing at a lowered truck.
od uživatele Joeydude 29. Listopad 2006
5 10
robbed by dark punks
hey shit man! don't take me money an me best watch!
od uživatele dan 22. Listopad 2004
7 13