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Que is another word for a line of people.
The nerds waited in a que five blocks long to enter the movie theater to see Star Wars.

"Damn dude, when will this que start movin'?"
od uživatele Kenneth Boston 19. Červen 2005

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Spanish word for "what"; Used extensively on the Westside
Man 1: Yo Mama!
Man 2: Que?! What the Fuck did you just say?!!?
Man 1: Yo Mama is a fine lay, huey!
od uživatele Miggy12 23. Prosinec 2003
Spanish word pronounced "k" meaning "what." This works very well when a rich american that speaks no spanish hires a mexican that speaks no english and as the american barks out orders the mexican replies with "que?" which the american things means "ok."
Rich white woman: Pick up Bart from school and then take the dry cleaning down to the place then you can take my mink coat to the cold storage.
Lopez: Que?
Rich white woman: Good, thank you Carl *leaves*
Lopez: ...que?
od uživatele Toxic Ninja 10. Březen 2007
1. Spanish For What?
2. Very annoying word that's used to annoy people because it's funny.
1. Que?
2. Shut up with saying que? because you're so annoying!!!!!!!!!
od uživatele SSC 26. Březen 2008
i dont get it
i dont understand
"And there was this thing right.."
od uživatele Ermkay 04. Únor 2007
A quarter ounce of kush.
"Woah dude, how much weed did you buy?"
"Chill out dude, it's only a que."
od uživatele Bongrippper 26. Květen 2013
The bad-ass way to to agree with someone, acknowledge they are correct, or answer positively.
Xavier- Do you have homework?
Nora- Ques, ques I do

Alex- Nora, could you stay a little longer?
Nora- Oh, ques. Of course I will
od uživatele Norass 23. Říjen 2013
A word that people often incorrectly use in place of queue or cue.
The que starts here; que the waiting music.
od uživatele Enzd 24. Květen 2011