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The term originated from the disgusting nature of Pizza Hut's P'Zones. When one is P'Zoned, they have been beaten very badly at something. See also owned and pwned.
The forum moderators P'Zoned that uppity newbie.
od uživatele ZhugeBrett 07. Září 2003
31 17
The act of pure awesomeness. It is the next level of owning, higher than pwn.
Guy:"Holy shit! Jim just knifed 3 guys at once!"
Friend:"Man, he's pzoned this map!"
od uživatele 7ehr0x0rz 12. Březen 2006
17 11
The ultimate form of owned. Also, more pronouncable than the second best, pwned.
Guy 1: *beating Guy 2 to death with a stick*
Guy 3: P'zoned!
od uživatele uoy kcuf 25. Leden 2004
13 8
A more hardcore way of being pwned
Virtual Doctor: Congradulations! You have: AIDS
Kid: Oh nos!!!1!! I'm gonna diez0rz
Kid2: P'ZONED!
od uživatele STD AIDs 17. Říjen 2003
15 11
Extreemly, severely pwned. Like a third form of owned (Owned, Pwned, P'zoned).
Shit, man, P'ZONED!
od uživatele Little Ben 11. Listopad 2003
11 11
To be owned or powned so hard that the terms owned or powned are insufficient to describe the sheer amount of "P'zoning" that just occured.
"Man I just P'zoned you so hard that if I had said owned back there where I said P'zoned, I would be considered for a noob just for saying owned when I definitely should have said P'zoned, given the considerable amount of ownege that just occured... HELL YEAH!"
od uživatele Torben Bernhard 17. Září 2007
1 3
beaten, owned, powned
he just p'zoned ur arse
od uživatele Evel_Knievel jajaja 23. Září 2003
6 9