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Radio host Rush Limbaugh.
Why do you listen to that old putz?
od uživatele Phixes 23. Únor 2005
101 118
A great baseball pitcher. Pronounced "Poots"
Joe is a good closer, but he's no putz.
od uživatele ses-old 22. Červenec 2006
11 31
Term Jews use to explain ignorant ass holes or penises.
Rabbi Greenberg: That dude over there is a putz.
od uživatele Gaydos 14. Listopad 2003
22 46
A small town in southern Taiwan, known as Putzu in Mandarin but written as Putz in English on several highway road signs.
Putz General Hospital is how the English language sign on a website spells it.
od uživatele Dan Bloom 22. Červen 2005
14 45
In Jewish golf, when you get on the greens you putz! If you miss, you are putzing around.
I'll putz for an eagle, but I wouldn't walk a mile for a camel.
od uživatele Bob L 30. Březen 2004
22 79
Tami, she just can't help herself.
Tami the putz is such a putz.
od uživatele Mr. X 02. Únor 2005
10 79